Product bar

The Product bar includes the following options:

Product bar options are dependent on your account type and the configuration of your login. Not all options may be available to you.

Option Description
Quick links Using Quick links you can navigate between N-sight RMM, MSP Manager, and Take Control. If you do not subscribe to MSP Manager or Take Control, when you select either option, you can begin a trial for that product.
Take Control Fast Assist If you have an N-sight RMM account and a standalone Take Control account or trial, you can select the Take Control Fast Assist icon to Create a Take Control Fast Assist session. For more information, see Take Control Fast Assist.
Account Select the Account icon to display your username and use the following options to change your account:
Help Select the Help icon to display the following options:
  • Support Center — view the User Manual, Support Knowledge Base, Community Support, start a live chat with a Support Engineer, or request help
  • Release Notes — view the Dashboard and Agent Release Notes
  • About — view the N-sight RMM Dashboard version
Product switcher Select the Product switcher icon to open another product in a new browser tab without logging in again

By default, the product switcher is not displayed for users with access based on a Client role.