Device details

For more information, watch View Device Details.

The device details view provides a "single pane of glass" view of the health of a device. From this window, you can quickly get an overview of the device's components, active issues and other system information.

The device name and IP address appears in the web browser tab. This enables you to open device details in multiple tabs and know which tab is for each device.

The tabs provide information and actions you can perform on the device. These include:

When making any changes to these pages, remember to click Save when done.

Near the upper-right corner of the Device Details window are the following items:

  • Remote Control - control any Windows or macOS device under active management by an agent or probe remotely. The menu needs to be green (enabled) to access the remote control menu.
  • Add Task - provides quick access to scheduled tasks at the Service Organization level or Customer level. Also available, are configuration menus for patch management and maintenance windows for the device.
  • Audit Trail - displays a searchable, log-type list of actions done on the device.

    If the device is being managed as part of an integrated PSA solution, a list of recent tickets opened against the device will be displayed. You can also create or update a ticket as required.

  • Tickets - only appears if the device is being managed as part of an integrated PSA solution.