Updated: June 16, 2020

Remote Control

For more information, watch Remote Control - Overview.

View the Remote Control Quick Start Guide.

A key feature of N-able N-central is the ability to remotely control any managed device in your network. Remote management tools enables you to troubleshoot and resolve your customer's issues without remotely controlling a user's workstation and interrupting them. Remote control leverages the location of the N-able N-central server on the Internet and the outbound communications model provided by the agents and probes.

Remote Control is available on N-able N-central servers with a Professional license.

N-able N-central uses a number of technologies to establish encrypted connections:

  • Take Control (for devices agent version 10.2 and higher)
  • Remote Desktop
  • SSH
  • Telnet
  • Web Page
  • Custom

With N-able N-central 2020.1, Remote Desktop uses a Custom Protocol Handler (CPH) to facilitate the connection to an RDP session. When launching a RDP session, N-able N-central will verify if the CPH application is installed on the host device. If CPH is not present on the system then you are prompted to download and install the application.

Mac and Linux devices still use the Java implementation for Remote Desktop. SSH and Webpage require Java to run.

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