The Settings tab enables you control features specific to managed devices, and configure the device information.

Properties General properties of the device including its name, network address, and license mode.
Local Agent Agent configuration details, including the activation key, installation details, and information on asset scan, and data persistence for the agent.
Monitoring Options Specific monitoring options including EDF, SNMP, VMWare servers, Backup Exec, and Asigra.
Downtime Enables and configures Downtime during which devices are in a Disconnected state.
Maintenance Windows Agent configuration to re-start the device when specific circumstances require it in order to complete an installation or update.
Security Manager Installs and configures Security Manager software on the device.
Patch Management Actively manages software patch management settings.
Backup Management Installs and controls the operation of Backup Manager software on the device.
NetPath Enables and installs a NetPath agent for use on the device.
Custom Details Specify changes to custom properties of the device. Only available if your administrator has set up a custom device property.