Maintenance windows

Maintenance windows are programmed periods of time where devices with agents installed can be configured to automatically complete install, upgrade and reboot tasks for Security Manager | AV Defender, MSP Backup, NetPath, and integrations. Maintenance windows enable you to set when the maintenance occurs, ensuring a minimum impact on a user's ability to perform their work.

Configure devices with agents installed to automatically complete tasks for N-able N-central features according to a defined schedule:

  • Downtime maintenance window to take a device offline for scheduled maintenance.
  • Scheduled Maintenance windows initiate selected actions for selected features and integrations.
  • Scheduled Reboot windows re-start the device according to a schedule that you configure.

Maintenance windows enable you to:

  • schedule Security Manager installations, updates, and upgrades on a per-device or per-Rule basis,
  • schedule when the re-starting of devices can occur on a per-product basis, and,
  • add Maintenance Windows through bulk tasks on a per-device basis, or through Rules.

You can also create maintenance windows for patch management, although it is a best practice to use the Patch Wizard to create the maintenance windows.

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