What is NetPath


NetPath™ displays the performance details of devices inside and outside of your network. It enables you to understand your network's performance and infrastructure beyond your firewall, from source to destination and everything in between. NetPath uses advanced probing to detect the network path from a source server to a destination service. This provides the visibility into critical network paths regardless of location: on- or off- premises, or in a hybrid IT environment. With NetPath, you can quickly troubleshoot hot spots across the entire delivery chain.

NetPath provides:

  • 24/7 Monitoring and History: Track every hop and view latency historically for up to 30 days, or in real-time.
  • Performance and QoS Monitoring: Know about outages before your users. NetPath collects performance metrics and details of the network connectivity between the source and destination nodes, enabling you to see into the end-to-end performance that a user is experiencing.
  • Network Visibility: Understand your provider’s network better than they do with visibility into the entire network path. NetPath delivers information on the one or multiple paths a network packet may take to reach its destination, enabling you to look into the cloud and identify a problem quickly, even if it's outside your own network.
  • Node/Hop Information: Identify a problem and the organization to contact to solve it. NetPath collects information, including company and contact information of external nodes in a network path enabling support person to quickly identify where, when, and why a node may be impacted.

NetPath answers the questions: How well is my network delivering applications to my users, are the paths to key applications or users down, and where is the network problem and who is responsible for it?

How does NetPath work?

NetPath uses distributed monitoring and path analysis using WinPcap, a Windows packet capture library, to discover how applications are delivered through the network to your users.

To use NetPath:

  1. Deploy agents onto a device. The agents use advanced probing to discover and test the network path that traffic takes to any network endpoint, such as your local file print server, your website, or external websites.
  2. After discovering the path and quantifying the performance of each node and connection, NetPath enriches the picture with additional data about Internet nodes.
  3. The result is a clear end-to-end map of how applications are delivered to your users, including your network, the network of your provider, and any other networks you depend on.

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