Updated: January 19, 2021

NetPath system requirements

When using NetPath with N-able N-central, ensure there is access to the following URLs and ports:

  • https://keybox.solarwindsmsp.com:443/
  • https://ui.netpath.solarwindsmsp.com:443/

For NetPath, one of the following groups:

Region Group









NetPath also requires .Net 4.5 or higher. If not installed on the device, the NetPath agent will deploy it.

NetPath uses distributed monitoring and path analysis using WinPcap, a Windows packet capture library, to discover how applications are delivered through the network to your users. Netpath installs into the following locations on a device:

  • C:\Program Files\NetPath
  • C:\ProgramData\AdvancedMonitoringNetpathAgent
  • C:\ProgramData\n-able\
  • C:\Program Files\WinPcap

See the N-able N-central system requirements for more information.

Port Requirements

Port/Type Protocol Source Destination Description
Type: 11 (ICMP Time Exceeded) ICMP Networking devices along your path NetPath probe Used by NetPath probe to discover network paths.
Port: User Configured TCP NetPath agent Path destination Used by NetPath probe to discover the service status over the entered path port.
Port 43 TCP Main polling engine BGP data providers Used by NetPath to query IP ownership and other information about the discovered IP addresses.