Show paths managed by a device

By going into the device information, you can view the paths for an individual device. This is useful if you have many paths you are monitoring and need to view the details for a specific device.

  1. Click ViewsAll Devices.
  2. Click the name of a device.
  3. Click MonitoringNetPath.

The list of monitored paths appears in the window.

The Status column provides a quick indication on the connection information for a given path. Status icons indicate:

  • A  green check mark icon () indicates throughput is normal.
  • A red exclamation icon () indicates a problem that needs to be investigated. Hover over the icon for information on the problem.
  • The hourglass icon () indicates that there is no data for the path.

Click the link in the Endpoint column to open the NetPath information. For details on using the NetPath interface, click the How to use NetPath link on the page.