NetPath licensing

NetPath licensing works on a per-use basis, where licenses are in a pool. This means that each time you create a path to monitor, a license instance is taken from the pool.

While you can install NetPath on all devices in an SO or Customer location, you should only enable NetPath on the devices where you need to trace paths for problem solving.

When using NetPath licenses, consider the following:

  • When you create a path, a license is consumed. When you are finished reviewing the path or an issue has been resolved, you should delete the path. This will release the license back into the pool for use on another device/path.
  • If you delete a device, or the device becomes unmanaged, the license is released back to the pool.
  • Once released from a device, a NetPath license is immediately available for re-use. That is, they are not held for a period of days before they can be reused.
  • When NetPath licenses have expired and its been over 90 days , N-able N-central will uninstall the NetPath agent from all devices.