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Security Manager AV AV Defender anti-virus malware virus security scan antivirus

Security Manager | AV Defender provides an all-in-one solution for protection of customer devices and networks. N-able N-central uses Bitdefender, an award-winning security software to provide quality security and up-to-date virus signatures to ensure devices are safe from Internet threats. N-able N-central provides network protection features including:

  • Anti-Malware – detecting and blocking malware threats before they have a chance to inflict damage to devices. AV Defender makes a distinction between an "infected file" and a "suspected file" based on the confidence that it has detected a security threat.
  • Behavioral Analysis – examining the behavior of a file and determining if the file may be a threat.
  • Network traffic scans – providing data protection for email and user web browsing in real time, and scanning various types of network traffic for potential security threats.
  • Content Control – providing a way to restrict what users can access and send over the Internet.
  • Anti-Phishing – preventing the attempt to obtain sensitive information such as credit card numbers or account information from a bank for malicious reasons.
  • Firewall – controlling access to network resources, network services, and to the Internet by specified applications.

Using security profiles, you can configure tailored security settings to best suit your customer's needs.

Security Manager | AV Defender also includes the ability to provide disk encryption using Bitdefender's management of BitLocker, available through a separately licensed module.

For the full story, see the Security Manager architecture.

Ensure you have the latest version of the N-able N-central agent installed on devices to be able to use the full AV Defender feature set. For more information, see Upgrading agents and probes.

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