Report undetected viruses

Occasionally, you may run into viruses and malware that Security Manager missed or fail to detect. You can report cases of infections so that these are flagged and caught by AV Defender in subsequent sessions.

To further investigate an infection, provide the following information to N-able to remove the virus:

  • As many sample files as possible. Pack these files in a password protected archive using the password name: infected.
  • The BDSYS log. You'll need to generate this log.
  • The GMER log. Generate this log, download it, and run the GMER application.
    When fully loaded, click Scan and wait for the scan to finish. When it's done, save the log and send it to N-able.
  • The Autoruns log. To generate this log, download and run Autoruns for Windows (latest version).
    When fully loaded, wait for the log to be loaded, save it, and send it to N-able. Submit a case to Technical Support using N-ableMe at and clicking the button.

You can also report a miss-classification on malware by going to