Security Manager deployment checklist

Deploying Security Manager across a group of devices in N-able N-central requires preparation and a solid working knowledge of its features and functionality. To streamline the process and get you up and running, follow the steps listed in the checklist below.

Make sure that you deploy and test Security Manager on a sample device before rolling out to a broader group of devices. For example, you can choose a Security Profile that quarantines or prevent access to vital applications. Testing will let you work out such problems in a controlled environment.

Check each step as you work through the process
Step 1Upgrade Agents and Probes
Step 2Configure Global Exclusions
Step 3Select a Security Manager Profile
Step 4Configure an Update Server
Step 5Install Security Manager
Step 6Run a post-installation scan

After deploying Security Manager, there are common tasks that you are likely to perform on a day-to-day basis to maintain and use the anti-virus software: