Upgrade agents and probes

Before you deploy Security Manager, make sure that all devices have the latest N-able N-central agents and probes. For the Security Manager solution to work properly, the agents and probes installed on your devices must be the same version as N-able N-central.

Upgrade an agent

  1. Click ViewsAll Devices and select the devices that need an agent upgrade.
  2. Click Update Monitoring Software.
  3. In the Upgrade Agent drop-down menu, select Now.
  4. Check the Upgrade AV Defender Product Now check box only if you're installing Security Manager on a single device.
  5. Click Save. N-able N-central begins the upgrade of the agent.
  6. To confirm the agent upgrade status, click ViewsDevices and look for the version number in Agent Version column.

Upgrade a probe

  1. Click Administration Probes.
  2. Select the devices that need a probe update.
  3. Click Upgrade > Now .
  4. Click OK.

N-able N-central begins the upgrade of the probe. After you upgrade the agents and probes, you can configure Global Exclusions.