Network scan module

The Network Scan module provides data protection for user web browsing and also scans various types of network traffic for potential security threats. AV Defender scans email traffic (POP3 and SMTP), and web traffic (HTTP and HTTPS/SSL) in real time to prevent malware from being downloaded to the computer using real-time content control scanning using the server. Outgoing email messages are scanned to prevent malware from infecting other computers. Scanning web traffic may slow down web browsing but will block malware coming from the Internet, including drive-by downloads.

When an email message is discovered that is infected, AV Defender automatically replaces with a standardized email message informing the receiver of the original infected message. If a web site contains or distributes malware, AV Defender automatically blocks it. A special warning screen is displayed instead to inform the user that the requested web site is dangerous.

Although it is not recommended, you can disable email and web traffic scanning to increase system performance. This should not pose a major security threat so long as on-access scanning of local files remains enabled.

Browser options

The Network Scan module does scan email and web traffic, it also includes two browser options to help users when surfing the Internet.

Enable Browser Search Adviser

AV Defender assesses and rates the safety of results from Google, Bing and Yahoo! searches, and links from Facebook and Twitter by displaying an icon in front of every result:

Warning: You should not access this web site.
Caution: This web site may contain dangerous content. Exercise caution if you decide to access it.
Safe: This web site is safe to access.

Enable Browser Toolbar

Installs the AV Defender Toolbar plug-in for supported browsers that displays security ratings for web sites that are being accessed. The AV Defender Toolbar displays a small dragger icon at the top of every web page which displays a security rating.

The Network Scan module is only available when adding or editing a laptop/workstation security profile.

  1. Click Configuration > Security Manager > Profiles.
  2. Click Add, or click on an existing profile to edit.
  3. Click View Settings beside the Network Scan module.
  4. Click the check box for Enable Network Scan.
  5. In the Component Configuration area, select the features to enable in the network scan.
  6. Click Save.