Change the AV Defender status threshold for all customers

Service templates provide a way to group similar services that you can apply to devices and newly discovered devices. The templates save time by letting you quickly apply standard monitoring and data analysis across all your customer's devices. The AV Defender Status service is not included in the standard service templates.

To make a change to the AV Defender status values, modify the default service thresholds. When changed, the values can automatically propagate through monitored devices.

This procedure is only available at the System level. If your N-able N-central is hosted by N-able, you need to create your own Service Template with the changes you wish to make to the Service's Thresholds and apply these with a rule.

  1. Click Administration > Service Management > Default Service Thresholds.
  2. In the Service Item drop-down menu, select AV Defender Status.
  3. Set the values as required.
  4. Click the Propagate check box to update the changes globally across your customers and devices that are currently using this service.
  5. Click Save.

The default configuration is updated and, if selected, propagated to customers and devices.