Service templates

Use service templates to group and configure N-able N-central services to monitor devices. Service templates provide a way to group similar services that you can apply to devices and newly discovered devices. The templates save time by providing a quick way to apply standard monitoring and data analysis across all your customer's devices.

When you create a service template, you define the device class that the template relates to, the services included in the service template, and the values and thresholds that the agent reports to N-able N-central. The benefit of service templates is in the propagation of the template across multiple devices. If there is a need for additional monitoring, removal of a service, or a change in the monitored values, changing a template automatically propagates to all devices, without the need to adjust every device individually. When changed at the Service Organization level, all occurrences of that template across all of your customers change automatically.

When an agent is first installed on a device, the services designated by any service templates that apply are not added to the dev ice immediately. N-able N-central applies the services when it first receives complete services-related asset data from the agent. As a result, there may be a short delay between when a device is first discovered and when the services designated by an applicable service template will be added to the device.

Service templates are re-applied to devices when:

  • subsequent discovery jobs obtain information about a device that has changed,
  • service templates are manually re-applied to a device, or
  • modifications to a rule change the eligibility of a device to have the Rule applied.

You may view service templates by clicking ConfigurationMonitoringService Templates. If any issues arise with the services in a service template, they appear in the Service Templates with Issues tab. Click the tab to resolve any issues. The Service Template with Issues tab appears only when there are service templates that are invalid. If there are no issues with the service template(s), you will not see this tab.

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