Create a scheduled maintenance window

Maintenance windows are programmed periods of time where devices with agents installed can be configured to automatically complete tasks for Security Manager | AV Defender or backup features to a defined schedule.

Configuring a Maintenance Window to Install Security Manager will immediately download the installation software. This will occur even if the installation itself is not scheduled to take place until some time in the future. The immediate download of the installation software may cause unexpected resource demands.

  1. Click ViewAll Devices.
  2. Click the name of a device.
  3. Click the Settings tab, then Maintenance Windows.
  4. Click Add > Scheduled Maintenance, features or integrations.
  5. Enter a descriptive Name.
  6. Select the specific to include in the schedule.
  7. Click the check box for Place device in downtime during reboot to transition the selected devices to a Downtime state while it is being re-started.

    N-able N-central will transition the device out of downtime if the agent has not reported back for three hours after the re-start began. This will not take place if the device is already in a scheduled Downtime period.

  8. Select the number of minutes to Bring device out of downtime after the re-start process has been started.
  9. Select the maximum number of minutes that the User can delay reboot.
  10. Set a message that appears on the user's screen to inform them that a reboot will occur, to give them time to save their work.
  11. Set the schedule when the maintenance window occurs.
  12. Click Save.

N-able N-central saves the maintenance window. At the scheduled time, N-able N-central agents perform the work scheduled and reboot if required.