Patch Setup Wizard

The Patch Setup Wizard guides you through the steps to create maintenance windows that define the patch rule. Rules are the tools that enable you to centrally control all aspects of patch requirements and the scheduling of detection, downloading and installation of patches. The Patch Setup Wizard enables you to quickly and completely configure the rules.

When setting up maintenance windows, immediate and scheduled window times should not overlap. If an immediate maintenance window is initiated while a scheduled window is active, the immediate maintenance window will not run. N-able recommends to only use a single immediate window or one or more scheduled windows.

You need to configure a proper filter first before running the wizard and ensure it is assigned to the correct sites.

  1. At the Service Organization or Customer level, click Configuration > Patch Management.
  2. In the Patch Setup Wizard area, click Create a New Patch Configuration.
  3. Complete each screen and click Next. Details about each screen is outlined below.
  4. Click Finish on the final screen. N-able N-central will not save the rule until you click Finish.

When using a Hyper-V host/guest setup, install an agent on every virtual machine. This way, Patch Manager will patch each VM as a physical server. When rebooting, schedule the VMs first, then the host an hour later. This ensures all VMs complete their patching cycle before the host is rebooted.

Patch maintenance windows

The Patch Wizard walks through the following patch maintenance windows to create the patch rules: