What are notifications

Notifications are used to alert you to changes in the status of a monitored service. N-able N-central can send notifications to any registered user through email or mobile device. This enables you to take proactive steps and prevent any problems, and keep up-to-date on the status of your services.

A notification consists of a notification profile and one or more triggers. Notification profiles enable you to create a set of users who will be notified for an initial alert, and those who will be notified if the alert escalates. You can associate each notification profile with as many notification triggers as needed. Notification triggers define what service on which device is to be monitored. Using triggers, you can set up all the notification triggers associated with backup services with a notification profile that includes your backup experts.

Users can be assigned notification methods and schedules, enabling you to tailor the format of the notifications and the when they receive the notifications.

Notifications are sent through email. Notifications can include the details about the device and service.

When created at the Service Organization level, notification triggers are associated to rules. At the Customer level, they can also be associated to specific devices and probes.

To view notifications, click Configuration > Monitoring > Notifications.

Notification emails containing line breaks will be reformatted if the recipients use Microsoft Outlook 2002, Microsoft Office Outlook 2003, or Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 and the Auto Remove Line Breaks feature in Outlook has been enabled (the default setting). Notification email messages are formatted as plain text but Outlook will remove the line breaks causing the formatting to change and the email message to appear as one long string of words and characters. To resolve this issue, the recipients must disable the Outlook feature that removes extra line breaks.