Add a note to a device

Device provides a way to append information on the current performance or state of a device to its description. Notes can be added to devices either individually or to multiple devices simultaneously. You can also add a note to a device when an active issue on the device is acknowledged.

  1. Click ViewsAll Devices.
  2. Click the check box next to the device.
  3. To add the same note to multiple devices, click the check box next to each device.

  4. Click the Add Note.
  5. Enter the information for the note and click Save.

N-able N-central adds the note to the device. To view the note, click the device name and click the Name tab. This note appears along with the time at which they were added and the author of the note.

You can edit the note by clicking the pencil icon next to the note. When done, click out of the field and click Save.

Device notes remain for 100 days. At that time N-able N-central purges the note from the database. You can change this default time. For more information, see Configure device data retention defaults.