Acknowledge notifications on the Active Issues page

When a service transitions to a specified state, a notification of an active issue is triggered. The issue remains active until it is resolved or the service transitions to a state other than the state that triggered the notification.

Customer-level User accounts and Customer Dashboard User accounts cannot acknowledge notifications. Customer-level Admin accounts can acknowledge notifications.

The Active Issues view lists all of the devices associated with a notification. The Notification column indicates the notifications that are unacknowledged (yellow icon) or acknowledged (green icon). Multiple notifications can appear in the same issue row. When there are multiple notifications for an issue, and only some have been acknowledged, the icon appears half green, half yellow.

The acknowledge icon appears when:

  • There is a delay on the notification that has not yet been reached.
  • There is another escalation level that has not been reached.
  • There is a repeat configured on the notification.

When acknowledging an active issue, you can add a note with comments. The note appears in the notification sent on the acknowledgment of the incident and can also be added to the device notes. You can view device notes on the Notes tab on the Edit Device screen.

  1. Click ViewsActive Issues.
  2. Select the check box next to the issue or issues that you would like to acknowledge.
  3. Click Acknowledge Notifications. When there are multiple notifications, click the ones you want to acknowledge.
  4. To prevent N-able N-central from sending further notifications while issues are active, click Suppress notifications on all escalations.
  5. Add a note by clicking Add to Device Notes and enter the note in the field below.
  6. Click Acknowledge.