Configure device data retention defaults

Set the amount of time N-able N-central retains device notes and discovery job data. N-able N-central keeps this information for a default of 100 days, in case you need to refer to it. You can change the default to a short period of time for better data management and conserving disk space, or retain for a longer time to meet corporate policies.

  1. Click Administration > Defaults > Data Retention.
  2. Set the amount of time that device notes and job discovery information is retained.
  3. Select Propagate to distribute the default Device Notes data retention settings to devices. Otherwise, the changes you make will only apply to new devices.
  4. Click Save.

The device data properties are applied to new devices that are added to N-able N-central. If you selected Propagate, the changes are applied to the devices currently managed by N-able N-central.