Updated: July 15, 2020

Filters and Filtering

Filters filtering filter

Filters enable you apply service templates and scheduled tasks to devices based on specific criteria. N-able N-central includes many filters for the most common selection of devices, such as all Windows laptops, workstations and servers. You can use these filters as a starting point for your own specialized filters.

As your network of customers and their device inventory grows, the value of optimized filters becomes increasingly important as you need to access specific devices. N-able N-central filters provide powerful functionality that enables you create precisely targeted dashboards, tasks, rules, reports, notifications and more.

You can not edit or delete filters created by same-level or higher-level accounts. For example, a Default Administrator account can modify a filter created by a Customer Admin account but cannot modify one created at the Product or Default Administrator level. You can not edit or delete the default filters included with N-able N-central. You can only edit or delete filters created by a lower-level account.

To view the available filters, click ConfigurationFilters.

When using filters in rules, There is a list of filters that can not be used for adding or removing services. Including these filters could create an infinite loop in the system, and are therefore excluded as possible filter options. To view those services, when adding or editing a rule, click the Ineligible Filters drop-down.

You cannot edit System level default filters. Either clone the existing filter to use as a new filter that you can modify.

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