Filters in rules

Use filters in rules to specify which devices have an option, task, profile, or template applied to them. You can use multiple filters when creating a rule. N-able N-central applies the rule to all devices that satisfy any of the filters.

To view rules, at the Service Organization or Customer level:

  1. Expand Configuration in the left navigation pane.

  2. Click Monitoring >Rules.

The table below outlines filter criteria that you cannot associate with rules.

Filter Criteria Category Filter Criteria Property
  • Currently Being Remote Controlled
  • Currently in Downtime
  • Has at least one service in status
  • N-central service in status
  • N-central service is present
  • Notification Active
  • Notification Active and Acknowledged
  • Last Logged-In User Domain
  • Last Logged-In User Name
  • User Currently Logged In