Alternate methods of filtering information in N-able N-central

N-able N-central displays a lot of information. It also includes a number of filtering options to help you to drill down to find what you want efficiently.

You can create filters that you can apply to service templates, rules, scheduled tasks and other functions in N-able N-central. You can also use filtering tools in different screens to help find the content you need. You can find these tools in various locations. They are particularly useful on the Dashboards, Active Issues, Job Status and Device screens, where you may want to narrow the view to specific types of devices or situations.

The most common are:

  • column sort - click on the column heading to sort in ascending or descending alphanumeric order by that column.
  • filter by column - Click the filter icon in the Dashboard screen to open either a free-form text filter or check boxes depending on whether the column contains text or icons.
  • show/hide column options - Click the icon in the left of the header row to display the list of available columns. Check those to be displayed, unchecked those to hide.
  • filter button - This button, located in the upper-left of the window, offers different filtering capabilities depending on the screen, and can include custom filters you define.
  • Show Filter button - located on the right-hand side of the window, clicking the button opens an extensive filtering tool that provides a number of different options depending on the context of the screen you are in.