Edit Filters

Once filters are created in N-central, you are able to edit them, preview the devices that these filters show, and save changes.

You can not edit or delete filters created by same-level or higher-level accounts. For example, a Default Administrator account can modify a filter created by a Customer Admin account but cannot modify one created at the Product or Default Administrator level. You can not edit or delete the default filters included with N-able N-central. You can only edit or delete filters created by a lower-level account.

How to edit filters

1. In the left-hand navigation pane, click Configuration > Filters.

2. Click the name of the filter.

3. Make necessary edits.

4. Click Preview to preview filtered devices, or Save to save the filter.

You can use Advanced Mode to develop more precise filtering. For more information, see theAdvanced variables and custom expressions section in Create a filter.