Create a Client and Site

You add your customers, as Clients, to the N-sight RMM Dashboard to manage and monitor their devices. For each Client you create one or more Sites, and then you add devices to those Sites. The N-sight RMM Dashboard uses the following hierarchical structure :

  • Client—Customer name or other identifier (One Client can have many Sites)
    • Site(s)—A grouping that includes the customer devices. A Site can be a physical location, a department, an overall device type, or any other type of grouping you define. (One Site can have many Devices)
      • Device(s)—Computer where the N-sight RMM Agent is installed

Add a Client

  1. On the N-sight RMM Dashboard, select File and select Add Client

    The Add Client dialog displays.

  2. Click General

  3. Enter the Client Name and the Client Timezone to use when sending Reports, setting Office Hours, and so on
  4. If you want to add the Client now and edit the other information later, click OK (optional)
  5. Configure the following options in the Add Client dialog (optional):

    You can configure the reports using the Settings > Client Reports option. For more information, see Systems Reporting.

    Dashboard AccessThis is a Legacy method to set up Client-level N-sight RMM Dashboard access. We recommend you use Roles and Permissions and Client Groups to set up Client N-sight RMM Dashboard access.
    Software License SetupEnter the number of licenses held for Asset Tracking Software License Groups
    Server ReportEnable the Daily, Weekly and Monthly Client Server Reports and configure the send settings
    Workstation ReportEnable the Daily and Weekly Client Workstation Reports and configure the send settings
    Notes ReportEnable the Client Notes Report and configure the send settings
    Executive SummaryEnable Delivery for the Executive Summary Report and configure the send settings
  6. Click OK

    The new Client is added to the Client list.

Add a Site

  1. On the N-sight RMM Dashboard Client list, right-click the target Client and select Add Site

    The Add Site dialog displays with the target Client name selected.

  2. Enter a Site Name
  3. Select the default Monitoring Templates from the Server Default or Workstation Default drop-down menus (only templates available for this device type are displayed). For more information, see Configure default Monitoring Templates for installation.
  4. Click Data Overdue Cross Check to configure up to two devices to ping when a server at the Site reports as overdue (optional)
  5. Click Save

    The new Site is added to the target Client.

Edit a Client or Site

  1. On the N-sight RMM Dashboard Client list, right-click the target Client or Site and select Edit Client or Edit Site
  2. Edit the settings
  3. Click Save