Workstation Monitoring Client Daily Report

The Workstation Client Daily Report contains the Daily Safety Check results for each workstation (Windows and Mac) and is split into the following sections:

  • Summary - provides an at-a-glance overview of each of the Client's workstations containing the overall check type, its results, and the previous day's usage statistics for that device.
  • Details - provides in-depth information on each Check and its results

If a check is not configured on the device the column is blank.

We recommend you configure the email templates for the Client daily and weekly report, and the Executive Summary Report, before you enable the reports to send emails to your Clients.

Manually Send Report

In addition to automatically sending the Reports, you can also manually send a Report from the N-sight RMM Dashboard. For example send a sample Report after making changes to the Report Mail Templates, or let the customer knows the problems are now resolved.

  1. On the N-sight RMM Dashboard, go to Reports > Client Reports > Workstation Monitoring > (Re)send Client Daily Report
  2. Select the Client from the drop-down list
  3. Enter the recipient email address
  4. Click OK to send

Example Summary section


Example Details section


Report icons

Icon Description
new_pass Check Passed
new_fail Check Failed
new_clear Check cleared on Dashboard - indicates that a failed check has been marked as cleared on the Dashboard
not_scheduled_tick Check not scheduled for today - passed last time it ran
not_scheduled Check not scheduled for today - failed last time it ran
new_timer Data Overdue - the Daily Safety Check data was not received before the Report was generated
new_overdue2 Check not scheduled for today - Data Overdue last time it was scheduled to run
maint Undergoing Maintenance - Agent is Offline
server_overdue Today's data not received