Create a monitoring template—from an existing device

You may have a device on your N-sight RMM Dashboard already configured with the checks, automated tasks, and thresholds you want to use for other devices with the same operating oystem type. You can use that device as the basis of a monitoring template.

To create a monitoring template based on an existing device:

Monitoring Templates are added individually. You cannot create multiple Monitoring Templates at the same time.

  1. Log into the N-sight RMM Dashboard
  2. Right-click the device in the North-pane Servers, Workstations or Mixed tab
  3. Select Monitoring Templates > Create Monitoring Template
  4. Select the items from the device to include in the template: Include checks, Include tasks, or both and click Next

    A new template opens including the Checks and/or Automated Tasks from the device

  5. Enter a Template Name

  6. Select the Active box
  7. Configure the Check Frequency
    1. Select Enabled
    2. Select the 24x7 Frequency

      For five or 15-minute monitoring, the Agent synchronizes with the N-sight RMM Dashboard every 30 minutes to upload results, retrieve Automated Task and feature deployment settings.

      Every time a Check runs, a comparison is made with its previous result. If a change is detected, it is immediately reported to the N-sight RMM Dashboard(only results are uploaded and a full synchronization is not triggered). If no change is detected, the Check results are uploaded during the next synchronization upload cycle.

    3. Select the DSC Run Time. Daily Safety Checks run based on the local time of the computer the Agent is installed on.
    4. The Automated Task schedule is configured when adding or editing the Automated Task.

  8. Configure the Checks and Tasks
    1. Click Add and select Add 24x7 Check, Add DSC Check or Add Automated Task

    2. Configure the Check or Task as required

      As you configure or edit the template, you can add an item, or highlight a check or task in the list to edit or delete.

  9. Click OK to save

As the Exchange Store Check requires the datastore name, which is unique to each device, it is unavailable for selection in the monitoring template.

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