Apply monitoring templates during Agent Installation

To ensure Check and Automated Task consistency when installing Agents, you can Configure default monitoring templates for installation at the following levels:

  • Device-type — the default monitoring template applies to all new server or workstation installations
  • Clients and Sites — different default monitoring templates can apply to different Client and Site Agent installs

You can configure a server default monitoring template for Windows and Linux devices or a workstation default monitoring template for Windows and Mac devices.

Monitoring templates are only applied to the operating system they were created for (Windows, Mac or Linux), and checks and tasks are only added to devices capable of supporting them.

By default, servers and workstations inherit their policy from the Site, which in turn inherits the policy from the Client, which in turn inherits policies set for all servers and workstations.

After a default monitoring template is configured for an entity, new devices that are installed against the entity inherit the template settings and automatically apply the checks and tasks specified in the template.

When the default monitoring templates are configured, they are used with the Site Installation Package, and they are automatically selected when you manually install the Agent (although you can select another template).

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