API, PSA and Integrations

Data Extraction API

This section covers our Data Extraction API, which you can use to access the data returned to the system as part of its day-to-day operation.

Helpdesk, Service Desk and PSA Integrations

Integration are available for the following Helpdesk, Service Desk and PSA (Professional Services Automation) following products:

MSP Manager

Our MSP Manager is a fully hosted helpdesk tool designed to support your Clients by centralizing your customer service and providing a 360-view on managing, responding and resolving customer issues seamlessly.

If your Helpdesk, Service Desk or PSA system is not listed above and it supports ticket generation from emails, you may be able to utilize Dashboard Alert and Recovery notifications to open and close cases in your PSA. Configuration information is available in the Helpdesk Email Integration section.

Password Management

Custom Report Builder and Generator


  • Datto (appliance monitoring through the Linux Monitoring Agent)


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