The team at Accelo CRM (formerly AffinityLive) created an integration with N-sight RMM to allow Alerts (as registered in your N-sight RMM Dashboard) to be pulled into the Request queue in Accelo, ensuring that any follow-up tasks, emails and time spent can be tracked (and billed!) against the client record in Accelo.

The reason Accelo integrated Alerts into the Accelo Request queue is that this is the natural place to provide entry level support and service for client requests. Staff can easily follow the procedures permitted by the type of request that is generated - such as converting the alert into an Issue (support ticket or case etc), replying to the customer, or simply closing it. Please be aware that converting a Request into an Issue does not clear the Check on the N-sight RMM Dashboard. Accelo only clears the Check, and depending on configuration adds a note to the N-sight RMM Dashboard, where the Accelo Issue is marked as resolved

Users can receive email notifications and, when a request is closed/updated in Accelo, this change can be pushed back to the N-sight RMM.

There's also some handy configuration options included in the integration which allow you to:

Automatically create a new company/client in Accelo to match the company/client name provided on the N-sight RMM.

Automatically close Requests in Accelo when the Alerts stops failing

Clear/reset alerts on the N-sight RMM when the Request or Issue in Accelo is closed or resolved. This could save time, but might end up closing alerts prematurely.

Email the people on your team who are listed as notification contacts for that request type, or just create the request and know they'll be notified another way.

The following sections cover setting up the Accelo integration, included the generation of the N-sight RMM API Key, configuring the integration and connect to a device directly from within Accelo using Take Control.

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This N-sight RMM integration was created and is maintained by Accelo. We recommend you contact Accelo directly in the event of any problems either in its initial implementation or subsequent usage.