Passportal is a cloud-based platform that offers a simple, yet secure password and documentation management tailored for your operations. Passportal uses automated password protection makes storing, managing, and retrieving passwords and client knowledge quick and easy from virtually any connected device. Passportal is designed to streamline the technicians’ day, with credential injection ensuring fast, seamless, and secure connectivity to customer devices, networks, and applications. Easily adopt and demonstrate best practice password management workflows.

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The N-sight RMM integration allows Passportal partners to sync their devices directly into Passportal's Documentation Manager. Once the device is in Passportal, partners can link them to other assets, articles, documents, or credentials. Technicians can also retrieve rich device data from within Passportal, and link directly to the devices in the RMM console.

Features include: ­

  • One-way sync of clients from N-sight RMM
  • One-way sync devices from N-sight RMM(Servers, Workstations and mobile devices)
  • Launch TeamViewer and Take Control Viewers
  • Access device specifications
  • List and search software currently installed
  • Deep-link to the device in N-sight RMM

In addition to the N-sight RMMintegration, you can also use Passportal during Take Control (N-able) sessions. The Take Control (N-able) Passportal integration is separate from the Dashboard Passportal integration and requires your Passportal credentials the first time you use Passportal in the Take Control Viewer, even where these credentials were previously entered in the N-sight RMMintegration.

Information on the integration is available from the following sections:

A Passportal license is required to use this integration.