Shockey Monkey

The team at Shockey Monkey created an integration with the N-sight RMM which uses the email Alerts to automatically generate generate tickets within the Shockey Monkey system.

Please note, this N-sight RMM integration was created, and is maintained, by Shockey Monkey. As such we would suggest contacting Shockey Monkey directly in the event of any problems either in its initial implementation or subsequent usage.

Enter the recipient email address

The first stage is to enter the Email-To-Ticket address of the Shockey Monkey Portal the Alerts will be sent to.

From the Dashboard go to Settings, Alert Settings:

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In the Edit Alert Settings dialog enter the Shockey Monkey portal Email-To-Ticket address in the

For example, if the portal address is demo.shockeymonkey.comthe entered email address will be

Click OK once complete to save.

For information on selecting Alerts for specific checks or where a server is overdue please click here.

Note: please ensure that all Clients (available from the Client: drop-down) are either set to use the Default Settings or are configured with the Email-To-Ticket address. Otherwise they will not generate a ticket within Shockey Monkey.

Configure the Alert Mail Template

The next stage is to configure the Alert Mail Template From addresses and content to ensure any Alerts are directed to the Shockey Monkey portal with the required ticket information with this achieved from the Mail Templates drop-down on the Dashboard.


Enter the Alert source email address in the From field which must be a valid user account inside of Shockey Monkey and protected by ExchangeDefender. For example

The Alert Subject field - Shockey Monkey ticket subject line - and Plain Text Message - Shockey Monkey ticket body - can be amended as required.


Click OK to save changes and any new Alerts will now generate as tickets inside of the Shockey Monkey portal.

Alert Mail Templates

The following Alert Mail Templates are available:

Agent Problem Alert Mail

Agent Problem Recovery Alert Mail

Server Monitoring

Error Alert Mail

Recovery Alert

Restart Windows Service Mail

Data Overdue Alert Mail

Data Received Alert Mail

Workstation Monitoring

Error Alert Mail

Recovery Alert

Patch Management Failed Install Mail

Further information on the integration is in the integration PDF available from Shockey Monkey.

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