RangerMSP (CommitCRM)

The team at RangerMSP (formerly CommitCRM) created an integration with N-sight RMM that automatically opens a ticket in their system when a check reports as failed on the All Devices view.

Check status changes on the All Devices view, for example it passes or fails again, are automatically logged as Notes in the RangerMSP Ticket History and the Ticket is pushed into the Tickets Inbox, so technicians can easily see the updates.

The RangerMSP integration includes:

  • Ticket creation from failed checks
  • Link Accounts to Sites on the All Devices view or create Account from Site
  • Link Assets to Products on the All Devices view or create Asset from Product

To get the integration up and running, configuration is required in N-sight RMM and RangerMSP. For the configuration instructions, see:

This RangerMSP—N-sight RMM integration was created and is maintained by RangerMSP. We recommend you contact RangerMSP directly in the event of any problems either in its initial implementation or subsequent usage.

Be aware, RangerMSP continues to use N-sight RMM's previous MAX name.

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