The team at HaloPSA (formerly NetHelpDesk) created an integration with N-sight RMM to:

  • Import Clients and Sites from N-sight RMM into HaloPSA.
  • Import Devices and their details into HaloPSA using the N-sight RMM Device ID number.
  • Record changes made to devices.
  • Create and automatically close tickets from the Alert, and subsequent Recovery emails, linking the ticket to the device.
  • Record a history of tickets against the Device.

To set up the HaloPSA integration, N-sight RMM and HaloPSA configuration is required following the steps in HaloPSA's N-sight RMM Integration setup guide.

To supplement the HaloPSA integrations guide, our HaloPSA Integration: Dashboard Configuration section covers how to generate the API token, configure the Alert recipients and choose the Alert generating Checks.

This N-sight RMM integration was created and is maintained by HaloPSA. We recommend you contact HaloPSA directly in the event of any problems either in its initial implementation or subsequent usage.

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