Using the N-sight RMM Autotask integration, you can link and transfer data between both systems.

  • Map your N-sight RMM devices to their Autotask counterparts
  • Create a new entry in Autotask if the device appears in N-sight RMM but not in Autotask
  • Configure the default ticketing behavior to ensure all N-sight RMM generated ticket titles are in the required format, have the right classification, and appear on the correct Service Board
  • Generate tickets from Server, Workstation and Network Device Monitoring Check failures and outages (requires the integration upgrade)
  • Transfer the hardware and software asset information from N-sight RMM to Autotask.
  • Open Autotask tickets from N-sight RMM to record time entries and leave notes

This Autotask section is based on the upgraded version of our Autotask integration. If a section refers to the original integration, it is indicated with Original Integration in the page header.

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