MSP Manager

MSP Manager is cloud-based service management software that helps you support customers and run an effective IT service business.

Organize and manage all of your customers' information in one place, including locations, contacts, program levels, service items, knowledge, and billing information.

Access to integrated MSP Manager is dependent on the permissions associated with your user role.

With MSP Manager you can:

  • Automatically create and assign tickets from the N-sight RMM Outages tab
  • Record time and expenses against a ticket in either N-sight RMM or MSP Manager
  • Quickly generate ticket, customer, billing and SLA reports
  • Keep up to date with your MSP Manager account using the Mobile App
  • Create customer invoices at any time of the month
  • Use the Customer Portal to give ticket access to your customers
  • Import invoice information into your accounting software or integrate with QuickBooks or Xero

MSP Manager online help

You can view the dedicated MSP Manager online help using the following methods:

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