MSP Manager interface

From N-sight RMM, you can open MSP Manager using the Product bar Quick links or by selecting a link inside a ticket.

By default, MSP Manager opens in the My Dashboard view.

The vertical menu shows different options, depending on your MSP Manager role. For example, you can select:

  • Customers to add or select a customer and view their information
  • Assets to view or add assets for a customer
  • Billing to view customer Service Utilization charges and to run a Billing Batch to generate invoices
  • Reports to view and export Ticket, Customer, Billing, and SLA reports
  • Settings to configure your Company Settings, set up Users & Permissions, set up Billing & Financial levels and plans, view and manager Tickets & Workflows, and more

For more information about the options in the MSP Manager vertical menu, see the MSP Manager User Guide.