Integrate MSP Manager with N-sight RMM

If you have an existing MSP Manager account you want to integrate with N-sight RMM, contact our support team before you attempt the integration. For more information, see Integrate existing MSP Manager account with N-sight RMM.

When you integrate MSP Manager with your N-sight RMM account, the two products work together to automatically create tickets, import your customers and users, and update your assets.

After integration, N-sight RMM users, clients, and devices are transferred to MSP Manager and your new MSP Manager account is populated with usable data such as tickets and customers that have Program Levels and Service Items assigned to them.

N-sight RMM and MSP Manager use a similar hierarchical structure but they use the following different terms:

N-sight RMM MSP Manager
Client Customer
Site Location
Device Asset

To integrate MSP Manager with your N-sight RMM account:

Your N-sight RMM account must have PSA Integration permissions enabled.

  1. If a PSA product is already integrated with your N-sight RMM account, you must uninstall it because N-sight RMM only supports a single PSA integration at a time:
    1. On the N-sight RMM Dashboard, go to Settings > PSA Integration > Uninstall
    2. Enter the Password of the account you used to log into N-sight RMM and select OK to confirm
  2. On the N-sight RMM Product bar, select MSP Manager

    Your free 30-day MSP Manager trial begins and your new MSP Manager is populated with your N-sight RMM users, clients, and devices.

    The transfer of data may take a while to fully populate.

  3. Select Go to MSP Manager
  4. For information about how to setup and use MSP Manager, see the MSP Manager User Guide.