Integrate existing MSP Manager account with N-sight RMM

If you do not have an existing MSP Manager account, see Integrate MSP Manager with N-sight RMM.

If you already have an MSP Manager account, you can integrate it with N-sight RMM so the two products work together to automatically create tickets, import your customers and users, and update your assets.

You need to contact your account manager so they can turn this feature on for you.

N-sight RMM and MSP Manager use a similar hierarchical structure but they use the following different terms:

N-sight RMM MSP Manager
Client Customer
Site Location
Device Asset

To integrate your existing MSP Manager account with N-sight RMM:

  1. Contact your account manager so they can turn this feature on for you.
  2. If a PSA product is already integrated with your N-sight RMM account, you must uninstall it because N-sight RMM only supports a single PSA integration at a time:
    1. On the N-sight RMM Dashboard, go to Settings > PSA Integration > Uninstall
    2. Enter the Password of the account you used to log into N-sight RMM and select OK to confirm
  3. Go to Settings > PSA Integration > Setup
  4. Select MSP Manager in the drop-down menu and select Next

  5. At the prompt, click Finish to continue to MSP Manager
  6. Choose if you want to start with a default configuration or complete the initial MSP Manager setup:


    Start with a default configurationSelect Start with default configuration

    The default settings are applied to your account. You can view and amend your selection on the Summary screen.

    Complete the initial MSP Manager setupSelect Take me to the wizard

    The wizard guides you through the setup of:

    1. Ticketing
    2. Program Levels
    3. Customers
    4. Users