The fourth step of the MSP Manager setup wizard is to import your N-sight RMM users and assign MSP Manager roles to them.

After setup is complete, control MSP Manager user access using the MSP Manager Users function.

To import your users:

  1. For each user, select the MSP Manager Role from the drop-down menu

    Default RoleDescription
    Administrator Manage users and modify company-wide settings

    View the Company MSP Manager dashboard and billing pages

    Standard Only manage their own account information

    Cannot view the Company MSP Manager dashboard or billing pages

  2. For each user that is active, tick the Is Active box

    Any user without a role is imported with an inactive status, and can be activated later. MSP Manager assigns Administrator and Standard roles to these users by default. Add additional roles and permissions from your account settings.

  3. Click Next

Customer Login

All logins, staff and client, are imported from N-sight RMM. We recommend you only configuring staff level users through this wizard and the User Management section.

You can set Customer level access after the MSP Manager integration is complete using the Customer Portal.