Create roles and permissions for your technicians

Select specific permissions and create different roles for your technicians. You can customize and rename the default roles (Owner, Administrator, Standard). Create and customize new roles and permissions giving your employees access only to the areas they need.

Create roles

  1. Navigate to Settings > Users & Permissions > Roles.
  2. Select Add Role and enter a name and description.
  3. In the Permissions section, select each section to view and apply permissions and select Save Role.
  4. Click All Permissions to quickly apply all available permissions to the role.

Add users to an existing role

  1. Navigate to Settings > Users & Permissions > Roles.
  2. Select to edit a role.
  3. Add users to a role by clicking in the Assigned User field and selecting users from the list, or start typing a users name.
  4. Save the role to apply the changes.

Add roles to a user

  1. Navigate to Settings > User & Permissions > Users.
  2. Select to edit a user.
  3. Click the MSP Manager Role field to add roles to the user.

A User can be assigned to multiple roles.

Important Information about roles and permissions

  • If a user is assigned to multiple roles, the permissions for those roles are cumulative. This means that if a user is assigned to 2 roles, and one role grants a permission while the other denies it, the user is granted that permission.
  • Permissions are grouped into functional areas to make it easier to configure.
  • Some permissions are dependent on others:
    • Billing and Finance requires the View Billing permission in order to run a billing batch.
    • View Rates shows the rate values in the Add Time in a ticket.
    • Help Desk requires the Update Ticket permission in order to add time and expenses to a ticket.
  • When permissions are denied, those user interface elements are hidden.

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