Remotely access your customers' Windows devices

After starting a remote support session with a Windows device, the Take Control Remote Viewer opens automatically onto the Remote Desktop tab where you can see the desktop of the remote machine.

Click the drop down menu of the Remote Desktop tab to access the View, Commands and Interactions menus. From here you can also send a Control + Alt + Delete command to the remote machine, or lock the remote operating system.

The System and Request Details information window is configured by default to open automatically when a session begins, and fades out after 5 seconds. This behavior can be disabled using the Preferences menu icon in the top right corner of the Remote Viewer.

You can manually access System and Request Details by clicking the icon in the status bar, or use the System Info tab to access the dashboard with more detailed system specs of the remote device.

Select the Passportal icon to connect to your Passportal Vault and seamlessly inject secured credentials into remote devices during a support session.

Open or close the floating chat window using the icon in the status bar, and click to view the connection details of the remote session.

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