View a customer's system info during a support session

The System Info tab provides specific information about the processes running on the remote computer during a support session. The technician can consult parameters related to hardware, drivers, windows services, software, system temperatures, windows update policies, etc.

  • Click to export all information in the selected category to a CSV file.
  • Click Processes to show CPU and memory consumptions for each process. Technicians can enable the regular update of the information using the context menu.
  • For sessions made using the Take Control Agent or an elevated Applet, techs can view the ownership of each process and terminate it, if needed.
  • With administrative privileges, right click any service to start, stop, restart and change the start-up type of any service during a session.
  • Select from the Options Menu to view additional information about the Remote Device
  • Click the System/Request Details icon in the console's top menu for a quick view of the remote device's system details. You can also view the customer's support request details as well.

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