Change visualization options during a support session

The View menu in the Remote Desktop tab includes visualization options that technicians can use during a support session to adjust the settings of the remote computer.

  • Size – changes the image size of your customer’s desktop within your session window. Re-size the remote screen between 10% to 200% of its original size. Choose Always fit to Window to adjust the remote screen to the size of the Viewer’s window.
  • If you scale down the picture using a specific value (from 10% to 90%), the amount of data transmitted during the session is decreased to improve performance. For slow connections, make sure Always fit to Window or Downscale to Window are NOT used.

    • Sharpen the image when downscaling - nested in the Size menu, select this option which is automatically activated when the Viewer window size is smaller than 100% of the remote resolution. This adds significant quality to scaled down text, but it will slightly increase the CPU consumption.
  • Color – selects a color mode, some of which are optimized for low bandwidth. Technicians can explore the settings and find those that work best for each scenario.
  • Change Remote Resolution - alter the resolution of the remote device during a support session.
  • Change TS Session – remotely controls the local Terminal Services (TS) session using the Agent. If the computer is a Terminal Server with multiple concurrent users, this feature cycles through different TS sessions. Take Control can only control active sessions where a user is interacting with the TS session. This is available on the Agent only.
  • Show Remote Cursor – allows the technician to view the remote mouse cursor.
  • View Only – disables local input to the customer’s machine. Use this option to monitor screen activity without disrupting the activities being performed on the remote computer.

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