Mac Agent Installation

Installation options

Before you install the Agent, ensure you have allowed access to the required URLs. For more information, see Network Connectivity Requirements.

You can install the Agent three ways:

To optimize installation time and ensure Check and Automated Task consistency across devices, you can Configure default Monitoring Templates for installation.

You configure the Agent Settings using the RMM Dashboard or the Agent console after installation.


To reduce the volume of notification displayed to the end-user from our software and ensure all our installed applications have the required permissions, from Mac Monitoring Agent 3.4.0 RC we utilize Appleā€™s Mobile Device Management (MDM) framework.

To use this functionality, you must first request an Apple Push Notification certificate and upload it to your RMM Dashboard. When the certificate association is in place, we prompt the end user to enroll in our Apple Device Management service and apply the related profile when the Agent updates to version 3.4.0 RC or later. For more information, see Apple Device Management.

Automatically Added Automated Tasks

To consolidate Mac information, Mac Agent 3.0 migrated the core functionality of Mac-MSP to Dashboard managed Automated Tasks and the Mac-MSP infrastructure was discontinued.

To ensure continued coverage on Mac-MSP enabled accounts, the system automatically adds the Automated Tasks associated with Mac-MSP functionality to any newly installed Agents or when upgrading an earlier Agent version to Mac Agent 3 or later.

The automatically added Automated Tasks include:

  • Extended Memory Testing
  • Purge Font Caches
  • Repair Permissions on Installed Packages
  • Run Managed Patch
If you no longer require the automatic deployment of these Automated Tasks for your account, please contact support.

Mac Agent support for Apple M1 processors

Beginning with Mac Agent v3.6.0 RC and macOS 11 Big Sur, there is native support for Macs with new Apple M1 processors. Some add-on features, like AV, will run in Rosetta 2 compatibility. We expect to have those ready in the near future, but the core Agent is ready today.

For technical reasons, the Agent is not a Universal 2 binary. If you use Migration Assistant to transfer from an Intel Mac to an Apple Silicon Mac, you must reinstall the RMM Agent to ensure the native version is used. Our installer determines the correct package to install.

Dark Mode

When installed on a Mac running Mojave or later, the Mac Agent honors the Dark Mode settings where enabled on the computer.

The enrollment dialog does not current display in 10.15 (Catalina).