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To offer an enhanced solution, standalone Cove Data Protection (Cove) replaced Backup & Recovery. Where Backup & Recovery has been enabled and continues to be so for devices, the options presented here are still available.

If Backup & Recovery options are not present in your N-sight RMM, you need to use Cove.

To start a 30-day free trial of Cove, click the app switcher in the Product bar, and select Cove Data Protection (Cove).

Backup & Recovery Documents Backup is available for Windows and Mac workstations and laptops.

Not all customers need a complete backup of all of their systems and data sources, but they still want the security that comes with regular backups of the key user files on their Windows workstations and laptops to ensure that if the unexpected happens (ransomeware attack, lost laptop or other emergency) their documents are safe and restored in moments.

Documents Backup is a one-click solution that offers purpose-built, fully automated protection for all key user files based on their extension including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, CSV, PDF, and more.


  • Available for workstations and laptops running Windows 7 or later and Macs from 10.6 Snow Leopard (64-bit)
  • Cloud-only backup and restore (no LocalSpeedVault)
  • Enable for all workstations and laptops or at specific clients, sites or computers
  • Fully Automated, all backup settings are pre-determined and non-configurable, either through the interface or via remote commands:
    • Selection: only includes the supported document types, not the full system. Backed up as a Files & Folders data source. Eligible files that match the supported extensions are automatically detected and added.
    • Scheduling: backup runs twice per day. Overnight (between 9pm and 6am) and during Lunch (between 12pm and 2pm)
    • If a scheduled backup is missed (i.e. the computer was powered off) it runs as soon as possible once back online
  • No limit to the number of protected files
  • Self-service restore for users, no password required
  • Restore any file version from the last 28 days (up to 56 restore points)


  • Windows Agent
  • Mac Agent 3.1.0 or later
  • Backup Manager 17.9 or later (automatic deployment)
  • Disable Files On-Demand to backup files stored in Microsoft OneDrive
  • Full Disk Access must be enabled on macOS 10.14 (Mojave) and later. When you have Device Management for Apple enabled, Full Disk Access is enabled for our software and no action is required.

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