Documents Edition Backup Frequency and automatically added Checks

An initial backup runs after the installation, then twice per day after that when the device is online:

  • Overnight: between 9pm and 6am
  • During lunch: between 12pm and 2pm

If a backup session is missed due to the device being offline, etc. then the backup will run as soon as possible once the device is back online.

Two Backup & Recovery Checks are automatically added to the device as part of the Backup & Recovery installation process.

  • Windows Service Check - Backup Service Controller (24x7) monitors the Backup Service Controller service
  • Backup Check - Backup & Recovery (Daily Safety Check) reports on the backup sessions

You cannot delete these Checks from the Dashboard, they are only removed when you uninstall Backup & Recovery

In addition to the default Checks, for Windows you can also add a Daily Safety Backup & Recovery Selected Size Check to monitor the backup size of the selected plugins (data sources) based on completed sessions.

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