Documents Backup Supported File Types

To offer an enhanced solution, standalone Cove Data Protection (Cove) has replaced Backup & Recovery. Where Backup & Recovery has been enabled and continues to be so for devices, the options presented here are still available.

Where Backup & Recovery options are not present on your N-sight RMM dashboard, this means you will now need to use Cove.

To start a 30-day free trial of Cove, click the app switcher in the Product bar, and select Cove Data Protection (Cove).

The following file formats are supported by the Documents Backup & Recovery option for Windows workstations and laptops.

Text Files
File extension File type name
Microsoft Word (Office 97-2003)
.DOC Word document
.DOT Word document template
.WBK Word backup document
Microsoft Word Open XML (introduced in Office 2007)
.DOCB Word binary document
.DOCM Word macro-enabled document
.DOCX Word document
.DOTX Word document template
Other types of text files
.ODT OpenDocument text document
.PAGES Pages document
.PSW Pocket Word document
.RTF Rich text format file
.SDW StarOffice Writer text document
.STW StarOffice document Template
.SXW StarOffice Writer document
.TXT Plain text file
.UOF Uniform Office document
.UOT Uniform Office document
.VOR StarOffice template
.WPD WordPerfect document
.WPS Microsoft Works word processor file
Data Files
File extension File type name
.CSV Comma-separated values file
.ODC Office data connection file
.ODF Apache OpenOffice math file
.ONE OneNote document
.PST Outlook Personal information store file
.SLK Symbiotic link file
.XML Extensible Markup Language data file
Page Layout Files
File extension File type name
.ODG OpenDocument drawing file
.PDF Portable document format file
.PUB Microsoft Publisher publication
.XPS XML paper specification file
Presentation Files
File extension File type name
Microsoft PowerPoint (Office 97-2003)
.POT PowerPoint template
.PPS PowerPoint slide show
.PPT PowerPoint presentation
Microsoft PowerPoint Open XML (introduced in Office 2007)
.POTM PowerPoint macro-enabled presentation template
.POTX PowerPoint template
.PPAM PowerPoint macro-enabled add-in
.PPSM PowerPoint macro-enabled slide show
.PPSX PowerPoint slide show
.PPTM PowerPoint macro-enabled presentation
.PPTX PowerPoint presentation
.SLDM PowerPoint macro-enabled slide
.SLDX PowerPoint slide
Other types of presentation files
.KEY Keynote presentation
.ODP OpenDocument presentation
.OTP OpenDocument presentation template
.SDD StarOffice presentation
.STI StarOffice presentation template
.SXI StarOffice Impress presentation
.UOP Uniform office presentation
Spreadsheet Files
File extension File type name
Microsoft Excel (Office 97-2003)
.XLM Excel macro file
.XLS Excel workbook
.XLT Excel template
Microsoft Excel Open XML (introduced in Office 2007)
.XLSM Excel macro-enabled workbook
.XLSX Excel workbook
.XLTM Excel macro-enabled template
.XLTX Excel template
Misc. Excel formats
.XLA Excel add-in file that contains macros
.XLAM Excel add-in file
.XLSB Excel binary worksheet (BIFF12)
.XLL Excel add-in file
.XLW Excel work space
Other types of spreadsheets
.DIF Data interchange format
.NUMBERS Apple Numbers application file
.ODS OpenDocument spreadsheet
.PXL Pocket Excel file
.SDC Apache OpenOffice Calc spreadsheet
.STC StarOffice Calc spreadsheet template
.SXC StarOffice Calc spreadsheet
.UOS Uniform Office spreadsheet
.XLR Microsoft Works spreadsheet
Database Files
File extension File type name
Microsoft Access
.ACCDB Access 2007 database file
.ACCDE Access execute only database
.ACCDR Access runtime application
.ACCDT Microsoft Access database template
.MDB Microsoft Access database
Other types of database filess
.DBF Database file
.PDB Program database
Vector Image Files
File extension File type name
Microsoft Office Visio
.VDX Visio Drawing XML file
.VSD Visio Drawing file
.VDSM Visio Macro-Enabled drawing
.VSDX Visio Drawing
.VSL Visio Add-on
.VSS Visio Stencil file
.VSSX Visio Stencil file
.VST Visio Drawing template
.VSTM Visio Macro-enabled drawing template
.VSTX Visio Drawing template
.VSW Visio workspace file
.VSX Visio Stencil XML file
.VTX Visio Template XML file
Other types of vector image files
.OTG OpenDocument graphic template
.SDA StarOffice drawing
.STD Apache OpenOffice drawing template
.SXD StarOffice drawing
Compressed Files
File extension File type name
.BDOC Binary DigiDoc signature file
Backup Files
File extension File type name
.QBB QuickBooks backup file
Web Files
File extension File type name
.OTH OpenDocument HTML template

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